Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rent the Runway

For this weekend, we had a wedding to go to. Josh was the best man so we came up early to attend the rehearsal. That meant me finding not one, but 2 dresses for the weekend. A few weeks back I started stressing about what to wear. I really don't have time after work to go browsing through the mall, and the weekends are always packed with events. Wear dresses from past weddings? Sure. Except most don't fit me anymore since my body has changed so much from working out. Then, I remembered about Rent The Runway! You can rent awesome designer dresses for a small fee. They send it straight to wherever you are and you ship it back a day or two later in a prepaid envelope. You don't even have to get it dry cleaned! DONE. I was a little worried about having faith in 2 dresses I've never seen in person or tried on. But, the website has user reviews and pics that help you figure out the fit. Genius. My dresses arrived the day before we left and fit beautifully! It was super easy and virtually worry free! I'd rather rent any day than try to find a dress that I'll only wear a few times and spend $200+. They even had a special so I rented both dresses for $85. Worth every penny!

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