Thursday, November 24, 2011

So Thankful!

Thankful. This year, every year, every moment. Can't wait to spend Thanksgiving and the rest of this holiday weekend surrounded by my most favorite people. Soon all our guests will arrive and we will be chowing down on some serious food! Stretchy pants, here I come!

Mom put me in charge of creating the centerpiece. I happily took on the challenge and searched EVERYWHERE for a real live pumpkin to carve out and make the stand for my flower arrangement. Little did I know there wasn't a single pumpkin to be found at any grocery store, farm stand, or garden store within a 10 mile radius. Because the weather was so rainy during September, it ruined a lot of the crop and yielded low numbers. Almost defeated, I stopped by a florist on my way home and found the perfect ceramic pumpkin! Score!

Proof that anything can go wrong, even on Thanksgiving...a loud "pop" came from the oven while the turkey was in it and only 1 hour into cooking. That's right, it bit the dust ~ Oven - 1, us 0. No worries, my Mom's best friend that lives across the street was done cooking and let us use her oven. Whew, Thanksgiving is saved!

And here's the finished centerpiece...Martha Stewart eat your heart out!

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