Monday, August 27, 2012

Annapolis 10 Miler

I allllllmost signed up for this race in a state of delusion until I came to my senses and realized it was exactly a week after Iron Girl. I'm sure many would have done both...I just didn't want to train for distance on top of the Tri. I was too focused on improving my time. Clearly, it worked! :) Maybe next year.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't favorable for the racers, Straight up downpour at the start! Luckily we were able to take cover during the race to wait out the ugly weather.

It ended up stopping long enough for everyone to finish the race. I can't imagine the amount of blisters that popped up from soaked shoes and socks!

I was able to snap the first pic before the sky opened up...
A break in the storm

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